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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

A Chicago Style Pizza is going to be a unique experience if you have never truly had one. Unlike a more traditional style crust or even the pan pizzas that national pizza chains sell, the Chicago style is a try deep dish pizza.
It is characterized by a crispy yet buttery crust, and heavy on the toppings. The crust may be thin and it is laid out within the pan like you would when you prepare an apple pie. Some will say that this crust should be thin while others thick. Usually the thicker crust version is referred to as a Pan style of deep dish however there is no rule and some Chicago style pizzerias will likely use the word Pan in a more generic sense. One thing is probably clear at this point is this style of pizza is more like a “pie” than a flat bread with toppings because all the toppings act as the pie filling.
It is then baked in a pan that is usually 1 to even 2 inches deep, similar to a cake or pie pan and should sit for a few minutes while the fillings settle. Some Chicago style pizzas may even have a top crust which is then in turn topped by a chunky tomato sauce and more toppings. You may here these referred to as stuffed pizzas. There is nothing to prohibit this under our guidelines however the overall amount of crust should probably not overshadow the richness of the pizza’s contents.
The staff at AboutPizza.com has experienced some of the frozen Deep Dish Chicago style pizzas that are offered in supermarkets but at this time we have not found one that we can endorse. Usually these tend to be flat in taste or not have the overwhelming taste and texture a freshly made pie will have.
This is one type of pizza that even we at AboutPizza.com will look the other way if you choose to use a fork rather than eat it by hand. Folding it New York style is totally not acceptable and may result in you being kindly asked to leave the pizza joint if seen in such an act. It is best to attempt this sort of action at home away from the public eye.
It is okay to make this pizza outside of Chicago and several good recipes online can be found.

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